SOLARIST ‘Slave (2018)’ – Album Review


“Slave” by Solarist is a powerful alternative rock album full of wonderful melody and fantastic vocal phrasing.

As the instrumentals do seem to be lacking a bit of power in certain parts of the album, with certain riffs, the incredible bass tone and vocals really make up for anything that sticks out to me.

The guitar weaves in and out of driven and soulfully melancholy harmonies. This gives the album a very listenable feel and almost feels like it has great potential for film music.

For these I would classify it as Alternative Rock and Metal. It’s really powerful and heavy yet it has the progressions and vibes of a radio friendly Staind.

With plenty of major chord progressions and heavy metal rhythm sections this album just rocks!

The vocalist’s woeful and impact tone helps listeners navigate through the emotional tension and intense riffs in tracks such as “Radio” and “Fall Apart”.

I would not miss an opportunity to see these guys live!

Solarist is from Greenville, South Carolina go catch them live!!

I cannot give enough credit to the performance and execution of the vocals on this album. Although they are a bit dry and could use more body and reverb in the mix, with production aside, the vocals are by far the heaviest aspect of this album.

My favorite tracks are ‘Radio’ and ‘Holding On’.

For fans of Alice in Chains, Staind, Seether, and Deftones, State Of Illusion


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